Wharf Road

The image above shows our beloved Wharf Road, before it was renamed from its original name, ‘Sandy Lane’. Before any houses were built on the road, it served its purpose as a link between the town and the sea wall.

As time went on, into the 1920s, the houses and shops we know today began to pop up on what was (at the time) the edge of Stanford-le-Hope.

Wharf Road - King George V Coronation, 1911

The image above was pictured in the summer of 1911, the same time as the Coronation of George V and Mary. The new King George V and Queen Mary were coronated on Thursday 22nd June 1911. A rich celebration of history as captured by the flags, decorations and children playing in the street for the special occasion.

Also captured in 1911, a clear image of the town’s youth with our locally infamous church, St Margaret’s Church, in the background.

Stanford Le Hope - Wharf Road, 1911
Stanford Le Hope - Wharf Road, 1974

As nearly everyone who has lived in Stanford-le-Hope will recognise, these are one of the first groups of shops to exist opposite the Inn on the Green and St Margaret’s Church, at the top of Church Hill.

Stanford Le Hope - Wharf Road Hadfield Stores, Early 1900s

An early picture of Hadfield House (now locally known as Hadfield Stores) during the 1900s.

Stanford Le Hope - Hadfield Stores, Wharf Road, Circa 1910

Another clearer image of Hadfield House with the time-standard horse and cart infront of the store. Additionally, the ‘Cow Keepers’ sign next to the house gives an interesting insight to the type of jobs the people of our town had a hundred years ago.

The corner atop Church Hill, opposite the Inn on the Green and the Church. This was in the 1970s, so there is a great chance some of our current residents would remember the shops along Corringham Road looking like this!

Stanford Le Hope - The Green Junction with Wharf Road, 1970s
Stanford Le Hope - The Green Junction with Wharf Road, 1980s

This picture from the 1980s shows just how much change can occur in less than a decade. Any lifetime Stanford-le-Hope residents will remember the Inn on the Green junction when it was like this!